Pete Van Horn

From Pete. Posted by BDC Tattoo on 3/13/2015 (49 items)

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2 comments on “Pete Van Horn
  1. Lori Austin says:

    Hi Pete
    I see your work and it’s AMAZING!! I want you to help me out if you will please. My husband has some old Tattoos on his right arm he would love covered. He doesn’t know I’m sitting this up. I would like to send you a picture of what he has in mind. I don’t care for it I was hoping you could create something really cool for me and you could present it to him before you start to see if he would change his mind. I would like to get give you a run down of his life a little and see what you think. Can you give me a email I can send the picture he want and some of my thoughts. We live in Topeka Ks. My husband is 61.

  2. Thomas K. says:

    Pete did a shoulder piece for me and I can not explain how amazing his needle work and customer service was. I will definitely go back and get another tattoo by him.

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